Grayson Perry got me mesmerized today

I enjoyed looking at details of his work, spotting brands names that create the circle of our consumer’s lives. It also reminded me of another work of tapestry that amused me some time ago. I couldn’t remember the name of the artist but I knew it was obscene. So I got back to the studio searching the net for “Junky Carpets”. In the end, I could find images of the obscene carpet but only on my own computer, so I still don’t know the name of the artist. At least, I still remember that the word “Spinster” derives from “the woman who spins”, “female spinner of the thread”. Those were the only women (before 1960’s)that could effort not getting married; they had worked weaving tapestry for a living- therefore, all us unmarried gals above 20 are “spinsters” ever since. Luckily, we (women), got our jobs now so we can buy us lots of stuff!